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What is underwriting on your local public radio station?

Underwriting is a business donation to a non-commercial public radio station, such as WQCS / 88.9 FM. In return, the business receives a 15-second on-air underwriting announcement, in which the firm's name, address, phone number, slogan or product line can be mentioned.

Why underwrite with WQCS?

  • WQCS delivers the highest concentration of highly educated and influential citizens within the WQCS coverage area.
  • Your message will reach decision makers that regard your message as a statement of character from a company that supports public radio just like they do.
  • Your company gains credibility by associating with intelligent, in-depth journalism from the award winning WQCS news team, NPR, and Associated Press.
  • Underwriting with WQCS is impactful.  Your message is delivered in a clutter free environment.
  • When price and quality are equal, 65% of public radio listeners prefer to buy products from companies that support public radio.*
  • 72% of public radio listeners have a more positive opinion of a company when they find out it supports public radio.*

*Source: NPR and Knowledge Networks; 2010 Halo Effect Study  

Who are WQCS's underwriters?

With more than 29 years on the air, WQCS has several hundred businesses that have supported the station through underwriting. The following list includes the types of businesses that reach potential customers or clients through WQCS:

  •         Retail Businesses
  •         Art Galleries / Museums
  •         Banks / Other Financial Institutions
  •         Hotels / Resorts
  •         Advertising Agencies
  •         Law Offices / Individual Attorneys
  •         Physicians/ Medical Institutions
  •         Senior Care/ Assisted Living Facilities
  •         Educational Institutions 

FCC Guidelines

Because of the non-commercial status of public radio stations, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has guidelines for underwriting announcements, in particular, requiring that they not be promotional in nature. They cannot contain comparative or qualitative descriptions of products or services, price information, including interest rates, inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease, or other calls to action. Messages must be value neutral.

The following is a suggested script:

88.9 FM is underwritten by A Technological Advantage, providers of technical training, consulting, and software soluitions. Offering a full range of Cisco training and certifications. The telephone number is 772-555-1212.

Who Listens?

WQCS has thousands of listeners each week representing the area from northern Palm Beach County to Melbourne and west to Avon Park / Sebring. Its listeners spend more than 10 hours per week tuned to the station.  Over the years, WQCS has been listed among the Top 5 public radio stations in the United States for the share of population listening to the station. Its staff members have brought in more than 50 local, state and national awards recognizing the station's excellence in broadcasting for reporting, community involvement and outreach, fundraising, and special events.