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Kiplinger Nature Preserve

Last week, early one morning, we packed up the gear and headed out to the 157-acre Kiplinger Nature Preserve in Martin County.

It sits quietly along and within the St. Lucie River on the southeast corner of the Veterans Memorial Bridge - smack in the middle of the bustling area of Kanner Highway and Indian Street in Stuart!

SH: This is real Florida!

This is Stacey Hetherington.

SH: I’m the Martin County Commissioner that represents District 2.

The County has operated the Preserve for 30 years now. People come for…

First, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the WQCS listener programming survey over the past few weeks.  Each of your submissions was individually read and helped us make some minor adjustments to our schedule.  The program Live From Here was recently retired, which opened a few hours on our weekend schedule.  Additionally, we have the opportunity to add a new program to our weekday lineup, ThinkThere have also been requests for some popular weekend programs to make appearances on our schedule during t


There’s a saying in the theatre: The show must go on.  So, we wanted to check in with three of our local live performance theatres to see how they’re faring right now.

KF: We’re almost 6 months into not being able to have a revenue stream.

This is Kia Fontaine of the Lyric Theatre in downtown Stuart.

She says they’re surviving by using a nest egg meant for building repairs, the priority now having switched to immediate needs, like…

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Treasure Coast Happenings

Mike speaks with Sydney Mihailoff of the United Way of Indian River County about a “Day of Caring” and how volunteers can still help even with social distancing during this Covid 19 pandemic.


Mike will speak with John Nelson, President of the Martin County Audubon Society, join them for a discussion about the fall season of migratory birds that we can enjoy and track right here on the Treasure Coast, and how we can introduce people to some of these birds in your very own backyard.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is warning Democrats that they must win the majority, not just of the House of Representatives but a majority of each state delegation, in case the House is called upon to decide the election in January.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana and his wife, Jennifer, stopped an intruder from kidnapping their grandchild on Saturday afternoon. The incident culminated with Jennifer Montana pulling the child out of the intruder's arms.

The 9-month-old child was slumbering peacefully in the living room when a woman entered the Montanas' Malibu, Calif., house, took the child out of a playpen and held the child in her arms, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

For Major League Baseball, it's on to the postseason.

This year, that's saying a lot.

The sport wrapped up its regular season Sunday, and got through it without being in a protective bubble like other leagues. There were COVID-19 outbreaks and postponed games.

There still could be problems in the playoffs.

Updated at 10:45 a.m. ET

Brad Parscale, senior digital adviser for the Trump campaign and former campaign manager, was involuntarily hospitalized after his wife told police in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on Sunday afternoon that Parscale had access to weapons and was threatening to harm himself.

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Justin Clark's path to the top of the Trump campaign started in an unlikely place: 20 years ago, between college and law school, Clark did accounting work for Democrat Al Gore's presidential campaign.

Republican candidate George W. Bush ended up winning that election, after legal battles over the recount in Florida went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Copyright 2020 NPR. To see more, visit

Copyright 2020 NPR. To see more, visit

Copyright 2020 NPR. To see more, visit

On a recent weekday evening, about 60 young activists from across the country logged onto a Zoom meeting. They were preparing for a virtual lobbying day, when they'd meet with their U.S. senators about making Washington, D.C., the 51st state.

"You have to be confident," Demi Stratmon, 22, told the group. Stratmon works for 51 for 51, a D.C. statehood organization. "They are your elected officials, and you have the right to speak with them," she says.


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