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Feb 19, 2019

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From The WQCS Newsroom

We all pretty much know to consider sea turtle nests when visiting our beaches this time of year, but what's going on below the sand?  Officials from Indian River County and Coastal Connections excavated a hatched nest in Vero Beach and invited the public along.  Nest excavations are also done in Brevard County by Stella Maris Environmental Research.  Find out more by clicking HERE.  Excavations are also scheduled at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach.  Find details by clicking

So, imagine trying to go one day without using plastic.

(background sound of landfill up and under)

RO: It’s almost impossible. I mean your toothbrush is plastic.

That’s Rebecca Olson with St. Lucie County.

RO:  I am the Solid Waste marketing and quality control coordinator here at the landfill.

St. Lucie along with Indian River and Palm Beach are the counties in our listening area participating in a new pilot program to recycle plastic films and bags.

WQCS intern Christina St. Louis visits Cleveland Clinic Tradition Hospital for the donation of a cuddle cot.  Find out more about the cuddle cot and support for families of stillborn babies through Madison's Miracles by clicking HERE.

Linda Seals is Regional Specialized Agent for UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Indian River Research and Education Center in Ft. Pierce.  She is working to foster discussion in local communities about keeping the Indian River Lagoon healthy.  Find out more by clicking HERE.

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Treasure Coast Happenings

"Operation Kid Safe" With Mark Bott

Aug 15, 2019

Mark Bott is the Director of "Operation Kid Safe" he has worked with John Walshin protecting kids and informing parents on what to have on hand in case of an emergency. Mark is the founder of Operation Kid Safe which is an internationally known child safety advocate program for the last     18 years.  Mark is also the creator of the AMBER ALERT SYSTEM.

Pirates & Pearls Garden Bash for Molly's House

Aug 8, 2019

Pirates & Pearls Garden Bash for Molly’s House

On September 21st, 2019 between 5pm – 10pm you can take part in an extraordinary fund raiser to help support Molly’s House.

The evening will be filled with Pirates, mermaids and live music along with a silent auction.

Bill West, CEO of Molly’s House is this week’s special guest.

Archived Treasure Coast Happenings

From The NPR Newsroom

Britain would face gridlock at ports, shortages of medicine, fuel and food and a hard border with Ireland if it leaves the EU with no deal, according to a leaked government document.

This App Aims To Save New Moms' Lives

3 hours ago

The U.S. has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world.

For more than 30 minutes on a frigid February morning, Robert Findley lay unconscious in the back of an ambulance as paramedics hand-pumped oxygen into his lungs.

On rare occasions, Dad and I would get together for lunch. It was 2014, and I had just started a job at NPR. Dad was retired and lived 60 miles away.

From what I remember, we ate dim sum, which meant driving through the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the massive skyscrapers glistening in the afternoon sun.

The water off the coast of the Riviera Maya was warmer than I expected, but far murkier. Endless pieces of seaweed, floating on and just below the surface, wrapped themselves like wet masking tape around my flippers and mask as I examined the second-largest reef in the world.

"It's the sargassum," my divemaster from Tulaka Diving told me resignedly. "It's coming over from Brazil, and getting worse every year."

Updated at 6:32 a.m. ET

A suicide bomber killed at least 63 people and wounded 182 in an explosion at a packed wedding hall Saturday night in Kabul, Afghanistan, according to the country's interior ministry.

An Afghan government spokesperson said the bomber detonated inside the wedding reception, where more than 1,000 guests had gathered to celebrate a marriage.

"Everybody was running," a waiter at the hall, Sayed Agha Shah, told Reuters.
"Several of our waiters were killed and wounded."

Marium, an orphaned dugong cared for by biologists in southern Thailand, had what it takes to win over the internet; few could resist pictures and videos of the button-eyed mammal being fed sea grass and bottled milk and even cuddling her caregivers, all while seeming to wear a satisfied smile.

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.


Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.


Barbershop: Jay-Z Partners With NFL

18 hours ago

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.



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