Music students in the four-county area, as well as northern Palm Beach and south Brevard counties are invited to audition for public radio station WQCS / 88.9 FM's popular Young Musicians Spotlight, a one-hour radio special featuring the talent of young musicians.

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Col. Andrew Kelly, Commander of the Jacksonville District of the Army Crops of Engineers says that due to expected oyster spawning, releases to the St. Lucie River from Lake Okeechobee will be slightly reduced.  You can find out more about the lake and its management by clicking HERE.

Vero Beach's Year-Long 100th Birthday Celebration

Mar 13, 2019
Tania Ortega-Cowan

On October 26, the City of Vero Beach officially turns 100! That means we are right in the middle of a year-long party.

TB: We started on October 26, 2018.

That’s Tammy Bursick, the City Clerk for the City of Vero Beach and co-chair for the Centennial Celebration.

We sat down with her and her co-chair…

TY: Colonel Councilman Tony Young

They have already had bonfires on the beach, a Veteran’s Parade downtown and extra special Christmas Boat Parade.

Tania Ortega-Cowan

The Florida Legislature has just started back up, and four women on the Treasure Coast are making sure the Arts are at the top of everyone’s minds!

PW: So the Governor’s budget right now – the line item for Arts & Culture is 5 million dollars… for the entire state.

That’s Pat Williams. She’s a member of Florida’s Council on Arts & Culture. We meet in downtown Stuart, along with other Council members, Katherine Dickenson, Janeen Mason, and Nancy Turrell.

Former WQCS reporter Kenrick Thomas met with Mary Ann Carroll in July of 2014.  We reach into our archives for that story.  Carroll was named a featured artist and her work was displayed in the governor’s mansion for Black History Month.

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An amusement park boat has sunk in Iraq's Tigris River, killing at least 100 people, according to Iraqi state television. The passengers were celebrating Nowruz, a joyous holiday marking the new year at the start of spring.

Video footage showed people being carried away in the water's fast current as onlookers shout from a nearby theme park.

NPR's Jane Arraf reports that many of the dead were children. At least 55 people were rescued.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is under investigation by the Pentagon's Office of Inspector General because of allegations he improperly advocated on behalf of his former employer, Boeing Co.

A hashtag called #ThisIsMyHustle started trending in Nigeria in mid-March after Sadiq Abubakar, 30, a small-business owner from Abuja, organized a Twitter chat for his entrepreneur friends.

"I said, 'Let's do a hashtag and let the world know what we do,' " he says. "Young Nigerians are very determined to succeed. What we hear about young Nigerian people is that we are lazy. But we are hardworking. We want to make it."

Nicaragua's government says it will release hundreds of opposition protesters who have been detained in the months since anti-government protests began nearly a year ago.

Mediators made the announcement Wednesday in Managua.

The government of President Daniel Ortega made the promise in order to restart talks with the opposition that had been stalled since security forces made more detentions over the weekend.

Take a look at a class roster at the University of Vermont. You'll see the usual stuff there — last name, student ID and class year. But you'll also see something else. Next to some names, there are pronouns: "he" or "she," but also the gender non-specific "they" or "ze."

They may seem like a few more words on paper, but for some students, like Jeane Robles, having pronouns on the roster means a lot.

The "bomb cyclone" that swept through the Midwest this week has caused more than $1 billion of flood damage in Nebraska, the state's governor said Wednesday. At least three people have been killed in Nebraska and Iowa.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said Thursday that government agents detained his chief of staff, Roberto Marrero, in an overnight raid. Describing what he called a kidnapping, Guaidó said weapons had been planted at Marrero's house and that he should be freed immediately.

The raid took place around 2 a.m. local time, Guaidó said, adding that he does not know Marrero's current whereabouts — and saying his chief of staff had denounced any knowledge of two rifles and a grenade that he says authorities allegedly found in his home.

Martini glasses emblazoned with the words "Mommy Juice." Hundreds of people lined up in the bitter cold for a Christmas-themed bar. Cocktails, including one at $8,500 a pop, made with vintage liqueurs.

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Do not try telling Karen Uhlenbeck that math is a subject just for boys.


Uhlenbeck is a mathematician. And this week, she became the recipient of the Abel Prize.

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