HD Radio

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HD Radio Receivers Standard Equipment in Over 80 Auto Models

More than 30 automakers now offer HD Radio technology. The momentum continues as Honda and Dodge announced their first vehicles to include HD Radio and Cadillac, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mitsubishi, and Toyota all announced new or refreshed vehicles with HD Radio Technology at the NY Auto Show.

• Honda – Announced an all-new 2014 Odyssey that will be the first Honda vehicle to offer HD Radio Technology.
• Dodge – Announced the refreshed 2014 Durango SUV as the first Dodge vehicle to offer HD Radio Technology.

• Cadillac – Announced the new 2014 CTS with the CUE System and HD Radio Technology as a standard feature.

• Hyundai – Introduced a refreshed Equus Luxury Sedan that includes HD Radio Technology as a standard feature.
• Jeep – Unveiled their new Cherokee, which will be the second Jeep vehicle to offer HD Radio Technology

• Toyota – Launched the all-new 2014 Highlander that offers HD Radio Technology. The Highlander will also be among the first Toyota vehicles to utilize the HD Radio system for traffic and weather services.

• Kia – Announced refreshed 2014 Optima, Forte and Soul models that all offer HD Radio Technology.
• Mitsubishi – Announced pricing for the new 2014 Outlander and reiterated that this will be their first vehicle to launch using HD Radio Technology for audio, traffic and weather services.


HD Radio Technology is the digital evolution of AM and FM radio and delivers significant benefits for drivers: crystal-clear sound quality, song title and artist name; additional digital only local FM channels known as HD2/HD3 Channels; iTunes Tagging allows listeners to store song information with the touch of a button for later purchase and download through iTunes; Artist Experience which enables images that match the audio content to be displayed on the radio screen; and now, subscription free lifetime traffic and data information sent directly to a vehicles radio or navigation system. HD Radio technology is subscription free broadcast radio.

Jeff Jury, Chief Operating Officer of iBiquity Digital said, “Automakers continue to increase their support for HD Radio Technology with Honda and Dodge becoming the latest brands to launch during the recent NY Auto Show. This brings the total number of automakers that support HD Radio Technology to 33, which is 5 new brands since the LA Auto Show in November. New York serves as an important show for the industry, as it marks the close of the major auto show season and we are pleased that HD Radio technology is included in so many high profile announcements. We are looking forward to the rest of 2013 as automakers roll out the latest HD Radio advanced features like Artist Experience and Digital Traffic and Weather information.”

HD Radio Technology is available nationwide, with more than 2,200 digital stations on-air, and over 1,450 HD2/HD3 digital only channels that broadcast fresh new content that can only be heard with an HD Radio receiver.  WQCS operates three HD channels, including HD1 that is also heard on regular FM.

33 automakers have now publicly announced plans to incorporate HD Radio Technology in 170+ models by year-end with more than 80 models featuring HD Radio receivers as standard equipment.

More HD Radio information is available at www.hdradio.com.