Mike speaks with Sydney Mihailoff of the United Way of Indian River County about a “Day of Caring” and how volunteers can still help even with social distancing during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Kiplinger Nature Preserve

Last week, early one morning, we packed up the gear and headed out to the 157-acre Kiplinger Nature Preserve in Martin County.

It sits quietly along and within the St. Lucie River on the southeast corner of the Veterans Memorial Bridge - smack in the middle of the bustling area of Kanner Highway and Indian Street in Stuart!

SH: This is real Florida!

This is Stacey Hetherington.

SH: I’m the Martin County Commissioner that represents District 2.

The County has operated the Preserve for 30 years now. People come for…

Mon Sep 21, 2020            HG WELLS, GUSTAV HOLST Herbert George Wells was born on September 21st, 1866. Besides “The Invisible Man,” and “The Time Machine,” he wrote “The War of the Worlds,” which was published at the end of the 19th century, at a time when there was a really big “Mars mania” sweeping the planet.

First, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the WQCS listener programming survey over the past few weeks.  Each of your submissions was individually read and helped us make some minor adjustments to our schedule.  The program Live From Here was recently retired, which opened a few hours on our weekend schedule.  Additionally, we have the opportunity to add a new program to our weekday lineup, ThinkThere have also been requests for some popular weekend programs to make appearances on our schedule during t


Mike will speak with John Nelson, President of the Martin County Audubon Society, join them for a discussion about the fall season of migratory birds that we can enjoy and track right here on the Treasure Coast, and how we can introduce people to some of these birds in your very own backyard.


There’s a saying in the theatre: The show must go on.  So, we wanted to check in with three of our local live performance theatres to see how they’re faring right now.

KF: We’re almost 6 months into not being able to have a revenue stream.

This is Kia Fontaine of the Lyric Theatre in downtown Stuart.

She says they’re surviving by using a nest egg meant for building repairs, the priority now having switched to immediate needs, like…

WQCS welcomed Dr. Timothy Moore for a conversation about becoming the fourth President of Indian River State College.  

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings Mike speaks with Jeanne DeLormier of the Treasure Coast Community Singers, who are in the process of preparing for their annual holiday show.  Learn how practices are being held via Zoom, and if you enjoy signing you can join the troupe this season.

Dunbar Early Learning Center

One of the many things the pandemic is showing us is that government funding is there, but, slow to move.

So, one of those unintended silver linings in all of this, is that it got good people on the ground, working in real time, responding to an outcry of community needs.

WR: So, when this hit, it was really, really nerve-wracking. Like, how are we going to pay the light bills? How are we going to be sure that the kids are being fed? What about the diapers? Who is going to help us with all of this? And so…

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings Mike will speak with the organizers of Big Brothers & Big Sisters “Taste of Martin County.” Dozens of restaurants will be part of this delicious event, which will be done virtually for the most part.  You’ll have an opportunity to taste some amazing dishes while supporting a great organization that has been helping children since 1904. 

Don Yackel

It's probably been the longest spring and summer most of us can ever remember. And now, suddenly it’s September!

JH: You know, we’re in a different place than when we started, with COVID, right? I think at this point people have been careful. They’re trying. They’ve changed all their travel plans and now they’re like “get me out of this house.”

This is Janice Hindson. She’s talking to us from her house in St Augustine.

JH: I’m an avid paddler. I started paddling, oh, I don’t know, in 2000? So about 20 years now.

Mike will speak with Tony Zorbaugh of the Dignity Food Truck program that is helping Chefs who are out of work due to the Corona Virus get back preparing and serving high quality meals. Part of the “Source” a nonprofit agency that helps Indian River Counties homeless population. This is a great way for you to get delicious food at a very affordable price while helping our community.

Indian River Community Foundation

Ben Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Now, apply that to our greater community as whole, and we all benefit.

JP: The Indian River County Community Needs Assessment provides a comprehensive overview of some of the demographic trends occurring in our community along with insights into how we’re doing the area of children’s services, economic opportunity and employment, housing, healthcare and senior services.

Mon Aug 24, 2020        LONG MONTH, BLAME CAESAR

Florida's Climate is an Environment Bi-Partisan Issue

Aug 20, 2020

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings Mike speaks with David Jenkins, President of Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship, together they’ll discuss our environment and how it is a bi-partisan issue, and how the current climate is affecting our area, and the entire state.