Pioneer Radio

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Click here to hear the latest Pioneer Radio ProgramIRSC STUDENTS DEVELOP "PIONEER RADIO" SHOW ON WQCS 88.9 FM

Collaborative work with college librarians delivers researched stories. Kerry Dulcio produced pieces on the Syrian Refugee Crises and Masculinity in contemporary society.

The show also features a Culture Jam on super heroes, a faculty led segment that uses a fun conversational style to foster critical thinking about popular culture. Student voices from around campus weigh in with thoughts on what makes a real hero.

Highlights on IRSC Drama students are also featured with a story on the murder mystery dinner theater.

All student work has been reviewed and evaluated by Dr. Matthew Brooks, Director of the Center for Media and Journalism Studies; Bryan Lane, Director of WQCS; and Dr. Bruce Fraser, Associate Dean of Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences.