Treasure Coast Happenings

If you are involved with an area non-profit and would like to be featured on Treasure Coast Happenings get in touch with Mike Fitzgerald:  

This week on Treasure Happenings Mike will be speaking with Nancy McCarthy of the United Way of Martin County about the new school year, how education may look different in the wake of Covid-19 along with the need for school supplies and the financial burdens that many families are going through regarding expenses.

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings Mike speaks with Logan Spacek from the American Red Cross about…

  1. Hurricane Season
  2. Emergency Shelters
  3. Emergency Contact Information
  4. Safety Procedures during a storm
  5. Our Animals

Join us and get informed this hurricane season with 88.9 WQCS

Join Mike Fitzgerald and Detective Mazanoski of the St. Lucie County Sherriff's Department and they’ll share information about unscrupulous con artists that are taking advantage of those with Covid 19 or family members. 

Pandemics, lockdown, unemployment, police and political unrest, this can be very overwhelming for people.  The week on Treasure Coast Happenings we will speak with Dr. Nicholas Coppola of the Mental Health Association of Indian River County about how to deal with all of these issues that may be affecting your health.

Rachel Tennant of the Manatee Center joins us to discuss the observation and educational center and programs for kids this summer. There are three programs which include Eco-Explorers, Ocean Adventures, and Wild Discoveries.

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings join Mike Fitzgerald as he speaks to Maria Tritico of the Lighthouse Art Center Gallery and School of Art as they discuss their summer art program which is designed this year to keep kids safe during the current Corona Virus Pandemic.  Maria will tell us about the summer art box that is delivered to your child and utilizes instructors online.  

American Red Cross Prepares you for Hurricane Season

May 21, 2020

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings Mike speaks with Susan Brodeur of the American Red Cross about Prepping for Hurricane season. Join us as we share with you valuable information on what you'll need in case of an emergency, what to have at hand, and what you'll need to know if you are in an evacuation zone.

Join Mike as he speaks with Lynne Barletta creator and director of the Visionary School of Arts about teaching children five and older about the arts, enjoying different art instructions online and how your children can learn a few tricks about drawing and painting.  Lynne works with the Boys and Girls clubs, and other local children's organizations across the Treasure Coast.

This week we speak with John Nelson of the Audubon Society about 

family "Birding" activities.  Since the virus began more people than ever 

are enjoying this activity.

American Red Cross and American Soldiers around the World

Apr 30, 2020

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings Mike speaks with Susan Brodeur of the American Red Cross about the armed services, our men and women across the globe that often depend on the American Red Cross to keep them in touch with their loved ones back home, especially during these difficult times during the Covid 19 Corona-Virus and what we can do to assist them.  Listen now by clicking the play button below.

Treasure Coast Happenings Mike Fitzgerald  speaks with children’s author Phillip Schwartz about the importance of keeping your young children happy and carefree by sharing laughs with books during the Coronavirus, particularly since Governor DeSantis has declared public schools closed and distance learning will continue throughout the rest of the school year.


A United Way employee and her friends are using their sewing skills to make masks for local nonprofits and healthcare agencies that are in need.  We will speak with Rachel Terlizzi and talk about her efforts and how it has blossomed into a full blown production this week on Treasure Coast Happenings.

This week on Treasure Coast Happenings we speak with Todd Decker, Todd has been dealing with situations surrounding the handicapped and he knows firsthand what people are going through as he’s been wheelchair bound most of his life with Cerebral Palsy. 

American Red Cross "Are you Prepared to Save a Life"

Apr 2, 2020

Mike is joined this week with the American Red Cross’ Logan Spacek.

Saving a life is a lot simpler than you may think when it comes to

Heart attacks!  Would you know what to do in an emergency?  Listen

And learn this week on Treasure Coast Happenings.